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Cambi di Direzione – Italico Rota

Di Job in Tourism, 12 Maggio 2006

Italico Rota
General Manager

Dopo gli studi all’Istituto alberghiero “Erminio Maggia” di Stresa, all’École Hotelière in Svizzera e alla Cornell University di New York, ricopre ruoli dirigenziali in vari hotel di lusso, tra cui il Grand Hotel Principe di Savoia di Milano, il Gritti Palace Hotel di Venezia, i Grand Hotel Excelsior di Firenze e di Roma, gli Hotel Plaza e Pierre di New York, il Sonesta Carlton Tower di Londra, l’Hotel Ta Cenc a Gozo e il Grand Hotel El Conviento a Puerto Rico. Alcuni premi che gli sono stati attribuiti: “Golden Helm International” – Berlino, “Premio Excellent” – Milano, “Premio Ospitalità Enit” – Roma, “Maitre d’Enologie de la Societe des Anysetiers”. “Maitre Restaurateur de la Chaine des Rotisseurs” – Parigi. Rota è anche Cavaliere Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana al merito del lavoro all’estero.

Corinthia Palace Hotel
De Paule Avenue
San Anton
tel. 356 21 440301
fax 356 21 465713

Cornucopia Hotel,
Gozo, Malta

«Nonostante la mia lunga carriera nel settore dell’ospitalità, per me ogni nuova sfida porta con sé il gusto della scoperta. E non c’è sfida più emozionante che unire la mia esperienza con quella dello staff di questo splendido hotel maltese, la cui tradizione è ormai storia, la cui classe non ha paragoni.»

How to manage tourism?

The elections are over (let everybody draw their own conclusions from the results) and the new legislature has been formed. What political decisions will be made concerning tourism in the coming years?
In our Country, there is no doubt that tourism, like other industries, suffers from both internal and external problems. Intrinsically, it suffers from management processes and policies that are often not consistent, and externally it is affected by the increasing strength and aggressiveness of international competition. In the present situation, it is necessary to take action in a number of areas; by way of example, action is needed for the promotion of the product Italy abroad, which is currently overly fragmented and based on micro-communication, or the taxation of meetings and events (which penalises businesses operating in Italy by comparison with many other competing countries).
In the current economic period, the available resources to invest in tourism are bound to be limited, but it may be important to discuss the method of approach. Before the elections, I read an article in Corriere della Sera on Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy’s interest in politics, how he rated his visibility in terms of votes, and his involvement in our Country’s issues. Among other things, it was reported that Emanuele Filiberto had toured Italy extensively in the last year: “I also do it in order to assess the situation. Last summer I sailed the Aeolian Islands, and I could witness the difficulties of tourism”.
Well, maybe this is exactly what we do not need: a management of tourism exclusively in the perspective of its users. It this were enough to become experts, Italy would have a huge number of them. It is necessary to adopt a different approach, to develop stringent and far-reaching plans; in an increasingly competitive context, by acting in concrete way, if not to recover lost ground, it will probably at least be possible not to lose any more of it.

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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