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Associations: a tool for growth

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 16 Novembre 2001

I have been invited by Giorgio Chiesa – the President of F.I.P.A. Golden Keys (Chiavi d’oro) – to the meeting to be held at Villa d’Este on Sunday the 11th of November – the first day after the revision of the Association’s charter, which is intended to restore the Association to its original spirit. The invitation – as amiably phrased as usual – sets out a programme which , at the end of the Members’ Meeting, culminating in the election of the new President, includes a presentation on my part on the importance of brands, during a symposium with the participation of a number of speakers who are outstanding personalities in the world of tourism and institutions. The theme could not have been more appreciated and appropriate, considering our current interest in merchandising, based on the visibility of the Job in Tourism brand, viewed as the carrier of shared values. Quite apart from the pleasure of being at a splendid venue such as Villa d’Este in the company of such esteemed professionals, I find it particularly interesting to observe the vigour of this sector and the importance of associations, when they are managed with enthusiasm and concrete commitment. Golden Keys, an association of over 50 years, was completely silent for two years, being involved in an internal debate which has only recently come to a conclusion. This development has released the constructive energies present within the sector, immediately giving rise to far-reaching plans. Other professional associations are equally active, and it is comforting to observe that the professional and cultural debate is not just confined to employers’ associations, but – confirming the wealth of professional quality existing in our country – there is a widespread ferment which is rooted in our history, and makes us atypical and markedly visible on the international tourism scene.

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