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A story of restaurants and poor service

Di Emilio De Risi, 8 Febbraio 2018

Two Saturdays ago, while waiting to go to the cinema, I decided to try a small vegan hamburger restaurant in the Bastioni di Porta Venezia, which I had heard good things about.
The place is very small and trendy. The layout is carefully designed – walls covered in handsome writings composed of pleasant fonts, large explanatory icons and food served with a vintage presentation. It is all very nice. After all, like its carnivorous ancestor, the vegan hamburger has also transfigured into a gourmet proposal, so that what used to be an ordinary meal has now turned into the equivalent of a tray of oysters.
Sitting at a tall table, I bit into my hamburger; next to me, a couple were looking at each other’s eyes. The quiet was broken by a pair of foreign tourists who complained – the food received was not what they ordered!
The serving person started asking who had number 78. I thought: «Ah, was there a number to follow?» Maybe they had mentioned it in a low voice, maybe I was absent-minded, anyway I had not heard.
While I was wondering why she did not simply send a new order to the kitchen, she kept on asking louder and louder: «Who took number 78?». And finally the perpetrators of the swap were found, it was a mature couple sitting near the entrance who had pinched the two foreign customers’ order.
The lady went close to the counter, a small wooden box containing the vegan hamburger and chips in her hands.
The petite waitress, once smiling and kind, was now insisting like a severe tutor. Even her tattoos had taken on a menacing look.
It didn’t help that the lady said she had shown her slip while retrieving her order; the little severe tutor replied that their hamburger was not with green bread! I looked at her and thought that to me, too, those hamburgers were not so easy to distinguish.
The young couple next to me had also been distracted; we looked at each other. The severe tutor displayed her problem solving skills by suggesting: “If you wish, you can swap you hamburgers!” Holding my vegan sandwich in my hands, I only managed to say: “Appalling!” The couple in love laughed. In a fit of fighting spirit, even the man of the hamburger-snatching couple made his contribution: “Now, I would rather keep the one I have.” Finally, the petite tutor let go. After a ten minutes of litigation, she came to a solution: to resend the foreign customers’ order.
The lady turned to go back to her place with her wooden box, but, while she was turning her back, came the final stab: «Guys, next time be more careful!» Kind up to that moment, the lady now turned around like a vicious dog: «No, you must be careful to what you serve!» and ambled back to her table to eat a now cold hamburger. I checked and found no trace of negative reviews; maybe, like me, the lady does not like posting on TripAdvisor, but this does not mean that she did not talk about it, like I am doing now.
I don’t think it is necessary to explain what damage the lack of good service can cause to any type of restaurant, therefore I am only concluding by saying that the film I later saw was truly beautiful.

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