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A smile in the morning for a good start

Di Antonio Caneva, 5 Giugno 2014

I enter the kitchen with my eyes still sleepy, and I am welcome by a smile.
I look at the table, and it’s me smiling now: the lace table cloth, the porcelain bowls with floral decorations, nicely exhibiting appetising chocolates, the plate of mouth-watering cookies smelling like confectionary and butter, the pastries of various shapes and colours beckoning me to forget about dieting, the jam jars with relief fruits foreboding the coming summer, the gold-rimmed enamelled plates, the German serviettes depicting Mozart, the unusual shaped silver cutlery, the tiny vase containing a gardenia, with its small shiny leaves, emanating a sweet scent.
I suddenly remember, yes, it is my birthday! What better way to start this day?
This is how we should surprise the guests (why call them customers?) of our hotels: we should turn breakfast into a moment to be remembered, the best moment in the day, to be taken away on leaving, as a memory of the place where they have stayed.
Of course, things are not exactly the same whether the room revenue per night is 50 or 500 euros; there is a natural proportionality to the different offers; but it is also true that guests’ expectations are different, and they can be pleasantly surprised at costs appropriate to the situation.
One of the worst habits is to use as breakfast rooms the darker and less pleasant areas of the hotel, those that would not be useful otherwise; a little nice background music would not hurt, like a competent and friendly staff (and, to this point, costs have not gone up much), good quality coffee, by avoiding instant coffee like a disease, and local products reminiscent of the fact that, at least in our country, although we live in a global reality, every corner has its own history.
And with a little effort the list could continue; I could tell you about breakfasts I enjoyed around the world, which have made me feel closer to the places where I was, and which I remember with great pleasure. Please, make sure that the next time I come to stay at your hotel will be an unforgettable experience! Thank you.

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