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A service adequate for the times

Di Antonio Caneva, 11 Settembre 2014

There was a time in the Seventies when strange things happened in the recruitment of non-managerial personnel: it was mandatory to apply through the employment office, and hire the person who was at the top of the list, with the professional qualification that he/she had independently declared.
It therefore happened, for example, that hotels also hired personnel without any preparation, other that what they had self-certified.
Sure, it was a special period which reflected the times. I remember, for example, that once I was having lunch at the Ristorante Normanno (this was its name) of Hotel Executive, then named Aerhotel, and could not be served any wine because the chef de rang refused to do so in the absence – that day – of the sommelier.
They were different times. Then came a greater liberalisation of recruiting, and later the practice of outsourcing, all the way until the present day.
The general public identifies hotels and restaurants with their physical components: the buildings, the furnishings, the interior design and equipment, thus making a serious mistake. In the hospitality business, the most important component is that of human resources, which – not by chance – is also the most expensive.
We often hear complaints about the difficulty to find adequate personnel, but it would be fairer to say that it is not easy to find personnel “adequate to our specific needs”. There are professional resources available, only we need to identify those that respond to our requirements. In simple terms, a person who qualifies to work in a Grand Hotel will probably not be suitable for Pensione Pinuccia, and the other way round.
When we publish an advertisement to recruit a specific type of professional, we generally receive a great number of applications (sometimes a very large number, as certified by the manager who received one thousand CVs). We have to carry out a selection, and identify those that are adequate to our needs.
Is it a time consuming process? That is why we thought of solving this problem: it is now possible to place an advertisement in Job in Tourism also instructing us to screen the applications, by indicating the candidates’ required skills, both mandatory and optional, and only receiving the CVs that are in line with the advertiser’s expectations. See
Easy! It was missing. We have tested it successfully in some searches, and now we can propose it as a standard service. I have grown fond of this idea, and I will be happy to talk about it with anybody who is interested in finding out more about it!

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