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A blackboard to promote the restaurant

Di Antonio Caneva, 4 Maggio 2012

I go with pleasure to the Enterprise Hotel in Milan, for several reasons. The simplest one is that it is on the way between my home and the office, so it is very convenient. Another reason is that it is a nice hotel, elegant without being pretentious, with a slightly ethnic taste and always something happening. Finally, and surely most importantly, its manager Damiano De Crescenzo has become a friend of mine in the course of time – one of those friendships that arise and grow spontaneously, supported by common views, mutual liking, appreciation for good work, and similar hotel experiences lived in different times.
During my frequent visits to the hotel (among other things, sometimes during breakfast I meet people I have to discuss business with), lately I was struck by a blackboard standing in the hall, showing the restaurant offering in colour chalks. In my opinion, this approach had nothing to do with the hotel’s style; recently, therefore, I pointed this out to De Crescenzo as I happened to meet him. His answer was: “You reason like a hotel-minded person”.
This made me curious, so I inquired what he meant.
You see, – he told me – in every hotel you go to, you find a menu that tries to please everybody (as has always been historically) by offering pasta, rice, fish, red meat, white meat and, always, mozzarella. Now, I think that by trying to satisfy everybody’s expectations, you end up not pleasing anybody. Instead, I want to create an unconventional place, where you don’t necessarily find a medium-quality mozzarella, but where you find dishes conceived for those who wish to eat in a way that is not repetitive. This is what I mean by not being “hotel-minded”; and if this is the choice, showing it on a blackboard seems to me the best way. Also one of my best and closest co-workers is opposed to the blackboard; well, this only strengthens my conviction – he reasons with a hotel mind.
I was not persuaded, but he is probably right, because he has made Enterprise into one of the most successful hotels in town. At any rate, I am still of the opinion that that blackboard has nothing to do with the hotel.

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