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2013: good year, bad year?

Di Antonio Caneva, 10 Gennaio 2013

There used to be a period in my life when, during the last few days of a year, I was inclined to positive reflection; I was gratified to live in a world I identified with, and it seemed to me that things would continue to be the same: a dynamic economy, a reasonably ethical society and a satisfactory though busy existence.
At some point, this certainty started to crack up, and in the last few years the breakup got faster. Until last December, I had reached the point when I no longer had any great expectations. Then, unexpectedly, the news we received picked up a positive trend, so that, with optimistic will, I was wondering if we were taking a turn for the better.
The association of Lombard hotel businesses has quite reasonably elected to its presidency a clever and correct hotel owner; in the last few days of the year, the Italian spread dropped to the so-called Monti level, i.e. half the level it was at one year before; and, finally, exactly on 31 December, we heard news of the police having liberated the young man who had been kidnapped in Liguria.
How nice! We can enjoy our New Year’s dinner! Not even time enough to convince myself of this, and my nose, in Corvara, was filled with the smoke from the fire of the Piz da Lec hotel, burning down, like the Titanic, while the music was celebrating the New Year. Bad news never travel alone, and the morning after a plane disappeared in Los Roques with four Italian passengers on board.
Taxes and levies were our end-of-year present, but was strikes us most is the attitude of the technocrats in government who, as such, cannot be justified for behaving like politicians (often with their empty promises) and, while in the process of raising taxes, ventilate the possibility of a 1% reduction in tax pressure.
Welcome back down to earth!

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