Regione: Lombardia - Italia
Data pubblicazione: 12 Dicembre 2018

I am a 24-year-old Greek guy and I recently moved to Italy for family reasons. I have gained 4 years of experience in 5-star hotels as a receptionist. I am Greek mother tongue, I speak fluent English and I am a basic user of Russian language. Currently I am attending an Italian language course as well, planning to become independent speaker in the upcoming year. In October 2018, I completed 10 months of mandatory military service in Cyprus and now I am looking for a new employment. I am dynamic, predisposed to public relations and very responsible. I have a strong sense of duty and I am full of enthusiasm. Although I have not gained experience in every field, I am sure I will be able to develop, in a short time, the specific competences as specified by you in the specified advert.

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