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International Executive Programme in Hotel Management

LUISS Business School
Regione: Italia
Località: Roma
International Executive Programme in Hotel Management
Roma Italia
Data di inizio: 15/10/2019
Durata: 8 mesi, 21 giorni
Organizzato da: LUISS Business School
Tipologia: Corso Aggiornamento Professionale

6.900 €

Il corso

In the last twenty-five years the tourism industry has become one of the largest in Europe as well as in many other regions of the world. It is expected to continue growing for at least the next two decades, including in terms of its economic importance. Therefore, companies will need many more highly skilled human resources able to face the big challenges posed by the digital revolution and the sharing economy.
The International Programme for Executives in Hotel Management allows participants to master strategic, organizational and managerial tools in order to promote their businesses and enhance the quality of their work.
The Programme entails a thorough study in order to cover all issues that entrepreneurs, mangers etc. share, with the aim of empowering students with a holistic view on how to run a facility, or to boost students’ career. It will give them the possibility to mingle and network with equally skilled people, and carry out together a project work.
The Programme will also allow students to spend time working on their skills, both personally and professionally.

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