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Expert consulting by Job in Tourism

JIT Hospitality offers the expertise of hospitality professionals at the service of your business. A range of activities to support your company, enabling it to benefit from our team’s experience.

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Our areas of expertise

Designing / Restructuring
Functional analysis of the facility, planning and operational consultancy.

Organisational analysis and support
Benchmark your facility against the organisational best practices in the hotel industry.

Facility audit
You can only have total control over your company if you experience it from inside, operationally and from the other side of the fence. We can do it for you, with mystery-guest and assessment activities, providing a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of your facility.

Personnel training
If you want the best from your enterprise, you should not underrate the importance of having well-trained and up-to-date personnel, capable to meet the guests’ newest requirements. Entrust your human resources to the training programmes we have purposely developed.

Complaint management
In our interconnected world, customer complaint management is fundamental. Find out how to receive and respond to feedback. How to avoid damage, turning feedback into your greatest strength.

If you are considering searching for new markets or identifying partners to develop your enterprise, we can point you in the best direction to reorganise your business.

New business opportunities
Consider new ways to expand your business. Starting new activities or opening up to new foreign markets may provide your business with new lifeblood.

Dennis Zambon

Head of Consultancy Division