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French, English and German

In the past, in order to work in the hotel business, it was necessary to speak three foreign languages - French, English and German - and this prompted many candidates to go abroad for a period, to combine professional experience and language learning.
Nowadays, French can be dispensed with, having become a residual language (with all due respect for Mr. Macron), while German is still important because of the inflow of German-speaking guests into our country, and the fact that German is spoken in one of our regions of touristic significance. The main foreign language, however, is still English, both because of its spread and its technological implications.
I recently received a letter from a kind reader of Job in Tourism:
”I am 51 and live in Genoa; I am writing in the hope to receive some advice on my search.
I have always worked in the restaurant and hotel business, where I have gained a solid professional experience, mainly matured in kitchen jobs.
My aspiration now is to further pursue my professional training with a greater orientation towards managerial positions, therefore in the last few years I have been working in different functions outside the hospitality sector, with greater responsibilities.
My desire is to again work for hotel companies in order to best consolidate my recent career path, but, in order to do so, I need to first improve my knowledge of English, which is currently at the basic school level.
That is why I am thinking of the possibility to work for three months in a hotel in Great Britain, assisting a restaurant manager or other manager, without expecting a remuneration or any other reward except board and lodging.
I would be grateful for any suggestion you can give me for my idea to succeed.".
It is difficult to answer. The situation described can occur when not sufficient time and resources were invested in all-round education as young people, and although our reader's decision to get back in the game is quite remarkable, he is now faced with the much greater struggles of having to catch up.
When I have a chance to do so, I always suggest to design a career path for oneself and pursue it, possibly sacrificing ease and stability for the time being; professional education conditions people's careers and, ultimately, their lives.
Anyway, anybody who can and wants to offer our reader an opportunity can contact him at the email address I am convinced that both parties would be making a good deal.
This is our last issue before the holidays. Goodbye until the 5th of September!



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