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Where does the sun rise?

It used to be a political saying that “the sun rises in the east”, and from an astronomical viewpoint it is absolutely correct.
Now, we are not only receiving the sun from the east, but also stimuli and opportunities on various levels. I am a fan of Inter Milan, and the team has an Indonesian president, and from Asia, too, are the inhabitants of Via Paolo Sarpi, the Milanese Chinatown near my office, like a huge number of products we buy and use daily.
What in the field of hospitality?
By now, Asian companies are present all over the world, and are expanding with a style and character that are absolutely remarkable.
For some time now, hotels have changed their governance structures, by identifying aggregation, at various levels, as the only viable course. Our Country has been naturally late in following this trend, even though the time is ripe for change.
Franchising, management, stricter or looser affiliations: there is a landscape of numberless opportunities to explore, each in accordance with one's needs and approach. Needless to mention brands such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Choice Hotels, Leading Hotels, Relais et Chateaux and very many others: enough to develop a headache, unless you have a clear direction in your mind.
To make things more complicated, we are also venturing into the arena. While roaming around the planet in search for opportunities for our industry, In Thailand we have encountered Dusit International ( ), a large hotel company. We have appreciated their vision of the hotel business, their commercial ability, and the organisation of their hotels, which are present in several continents but not in Europe. It followed naturally to discuss and find an agreement, by which we are now their representatives for development in Italy.
Is Dusit International better or worse than others? It is definitely a valid alternative to consider, because I believe that “every lock has its key” and, here too, if the right key is Dusit, why not consider it?



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